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We appreciate that you’re taking the time to register with QuickFX as a member of our elite artist team. The fact that you’re here shows that you share our vision of where the future of the VFX industry is going. We are proud to report that artists working on the QFX platform love it, so our hope is that this can be the beginning of a long relationship.

During registration, keep in mind that the more information you give us the better our ability to pair you with the right projects, so please take a little time when filling in your professional information. Once registered, you can log in and update your info at any time.

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Visual Effects / Motion Graphics Skills

We are interested in seeing both general samples of your work, and specific types as well. This will increase our ability to match you with the right projects. Follow this link to upload either a showreel montage, specialized shots, or both!
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2D Skills

3D Artist
2D/3D Generalist
2D Particle Effects
Effects Animation
Graphic Design
Green/Blue Screen
Matte Painting
Texture Painting
Graphic Animation
2D Compositor

3D Skills

3D Artist
Architectural Modeling
Character Animation
Character Rigging
General Modeling
Character Modeling
Particle Animation
Texture Animation
Texture Lighting


Other Experience

* General Statement: Experience

Other Skills: Skills not on the previous list.